stolen valor

star wars wallet, 1983

I started kindergarten in the fall of 1983. For my birthday that year I received this Star Wars wallet. I carried it everywhere.

oberto beef jerky

I stuffed a bunch of clippings inside, filling out my legend with various bits of pocket lint. I don’t remember ever actually eating beef jerky while I was growing up, but according to my cover story I loved it.

cpr for citizens, narrated by orson welles

The character I was portraying was also a big fan of Orson Welles.

military markings

And, I insisted, a veteran (more on that in a minute).

i am

“I am that I am.”

tattoo (removed)

This is the tattoo I got during my tour in Vietnam. I had it removed before I came home, and I carried it around to remind me of everything I’d been through. I may or may not have left a young family behind there, whom by this time, I would guess, are all grown up (just like me).

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